Improve Customer Service|Things to improve restaurants in Phnom Penh

Things to improve restaurants in Phnom Penh


Improve Customer Service


How to Improve Customer Service at Your Restaurants

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Just as they said "customer is the king". If you cannot take care of your customers, other people will. At this point, there is a high rate that you can lose your customers easily. Therefore, the customer service at any restaurants should be improved. Here are the four main points you can learn how to keep the customer service at your restaurants upgraded.

Greeting service


Greeting is very important for the customer service because they will go back home if they first enter your restaurants and do not get welcomed. Therefore, any restaurants should at least arrange two or more people at the front door to greet the customers nicely. Then, the staffs should accompany them to the suitable table. After that, the staffs should bring out the restaurants menu for the customers to see and suggest the best food in the restaurant to them. Moreover, the staffs should not forget to address the customers with any promotion that are available at the restaurants so that they can see that the restaurants really care about the advantages of the customer.

Delivery Service

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By only greeting and getting your customers to order the foods is not enough yet, the restaurants should also deliver more customer service such as fast cooking, fast serving, and other fast managment. One thing that you should remember is that the customers do not like waiting. Therefore, after they order, the foods need to be delivered no longer than eight to ten minutes. However, before the food is brought to the table, the staffs should bring some beverage or some snacks for the customers first.

Problem Solving

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No matter what happened, remember that the customers are always right. Problem solving can be counted as one of the customer service. As a restaurant managers, you also need to learn how to solve problem fast and benefit the customers more. Even if when you think the complaint from your customers is not reasonable, you need to respond properly with your face smile. By doing this, it can also calm your customers.

Good decoration

The restaurants should also be decorated well. The decoration is also one thing that you can keep your customers and gain more. This is important because good decoration, especially the unique one can give your customers some new experience. Also, with a comfortable decoration, this also helps calm your customers from their long exhausting days at work as work as well.