Gain Customer Loyalty|Things to improve restaurants in Phnom Penh

Things to improve restaurants in Phnom Penh


Gain Customer Loyalty


Three Things to Gain Customer Loyalty

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The common objectives of every restaurant owner is to get more and more customers. It is because customers is also a contribution to the future development of the restaurants. This always keeps the owners thinking of different strategies to not only keep their customers, but to attract to customers. Below are three important tips to keep the customer loyalty.



Greeting can be considered as the very basic step to get the customer loyalty. The restaurant managers should train their stuffs well on how to greet the customers. First thing, the stuffs need to be very friendly by saying an attractive welcoming phrase such as welcome to…. or a very good morning, afternoon, or evening from. This might be a very small thing but it does matter a lot. After the very first greeting, the stuffs should always serve the customers well by going to ask if there is anything they want to order. More than this, the welcoming stuffs should not keep the customers wait in line for so long. Last but not least, the stuffs or the restaurants' general managers themselves should pay attention to something such as the name of their customers, and their favorite menus.

Special Promotion

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While greeting alone is not enough, the restaurants' owners should keep in mind about the special promotion to gain their customer loyalty. The restaurants may offer the discount from 10% up to 50% for their regular customers. Moreover, the restaurant can also come up with the ideas of creating voucher such as getting a free glass of iced latte or a free lunch box, or even a slide of cake to their random customers. Lastly, the restaurant should also create membership program that provides cheaper price to the regular customers or some exception such as students to ensure the customer loyalty.

Customer Feedback

Other than just greeting and providing special promotion, the restaurants should also find out more about their customers by creating Customer Feedback box both at the place and online. Moreover, the restaurants managers should have some conversation about the food served in their restaurants or other services directly with the customers during the bill paying time. This shows the willingness of the restaurants on keeping themselves improved which can build customer loyalty even better than before.